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The is the Gold Standard and the only report created for potential investors wanting to get information on investing in the Iraqi Stock Exchange, the number one performing exchange in the world today,


The Iraq Stock Exchange has about 80 companies listed on the exchange with between 40-60 companies trading, from the beginning of the year 2011 the ISX (Iraq Stock Exchange) Climbed to 40% at the beginning of the year to 65%, representing the largest increase in the exchanges history, and leading the investment world to Iraq’s door with the potential gains already being made on the markets.


The future looking gains predicted by analysts have projected the ISX index will rise as much as 200% in the next year.


Here is what you get


You will receive 11 separate packages of ISX investing information in one “package” that has been assembled for your education and convenience.

  • Complete Introduction to the ISX
  • Forming a Personal Trading Account Application
  • ISX Trading Instructions
  • ISX Company Listing by Sector
  • ISX Stock Broker List and Contact Information
  • Instructions to get a U.S. Passport necessary to trade on the ISX

Additional Specialty Items Included in TheISXReport:

  • Complete Listing of Private and Public Iraq Banks
  • ISX Securities Laws
  • Iraq Banking Laws
  • Iraq Company Laws
  • ISX Regulatory Structure Information

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Included within your package is information on how to invest properly in the Iraq Stock Exchange for the non-Iraqi citizen investors. 

“According to the IMF, Iraq is projected to grow faster than China in the next two years. Now, let me repeat that, because when I read it I said, okay.  Are you sure because we always think of China as being the juggernaut? But no, indeed, Iraq is projected to grow faster than China

-         Hillary Rodhan Clinton, Secretary of State  

Iraq has a unique place in the investment world and is tied-to-the-hip to leading economic countries nations and emerging economies alike.  If we look at what Iraq has to offer and the countries with the most need for Iraq’s resources, we began to understand the supply and demand curve

China: With the world’s largest population and fastest growing middle class, oil consumption will be on the rise for the next 25 years at peak performance.

India: An emerging nation also on the rise with a growing middle class that will also have a 25 year growth ceiling,

Minor Asian Countries: They will see reverberation growth being attached to the two major players on the globe for a growing middle class. Both China and India have set up shop internationally and domestically to do trade with Iraq.  The top growing markets on the planet are in line to do trade with Iraq,

So why  TheISXReport

Foreign investors are allowed to invest via the ISX and there are no foreign stock ownership restrictions. However, before a foreigner can buy and sell Iraq stock shares, they are required to have to their identity verified by a licensed broker in Iraq and complete and notarize specific documents that must be certified by the Iraq Embassy in the investor’s home country, i.e. Iraq Embassy in the United States.  This is all included in 



You now have the opportunity to learn how to get your own Trading Account on the Iraq Stock Exchange with the most comprehensive instructional package ever assembled, by following a step-by-step procedure outlined in this report.  Some of the leading experts on the ISX have combined their talents to produce this comprehensive report that you will receive instantly for a one-time purchase price of only $49.95.


So why wait?  Take advantage of the most compressive package that will inform you on all you need to begin to understand this very unique market and learning opportunity.

TheISXReport is unlike any other package! We know of no other stock market report anywhere on the planet that will offer you more helpful information on how to get involved!

·        Learn how to trade on the ISX.

·        Learn what other companies are trading on the ISX.

·        Learn what sectors companies are trading in.  

·        Receive step-by-step instructions on how to set up an application to trade with a broker in Iraq.

·        Receive your complete broker list, including their contact information.

·        Learn about the ISX and its complete governing structure. Read the complete laws and regulations governing trading on the ISX  


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